‘Sistas of house is a brand new tour that is the brainchild of 2 high profile artists in the DJ and live PA fraternity. The sistas of house music have teamed up. When it comes to vocals, Rita Campbell and Abigail Bailey have come up with a tour that suits large venues, clubs and bars and it demonstrates the power of live vocals in house music. It’s and amazing show that incorporates a DJ set alongside the live vocals.

This is an entertaining 2 hours for any venue. Live vocals over the top of dubs and live acapellas from both girls, Abigail is also spinning the decks with her chunky house sounds and a tech groove. The sets are perfectly adapted for all types of venues and their set can be adjusted to play classics, current and tech house. The show is simply breathtaking. They perform all their hits live and the classics you haven’t heard in years – as well as showcasing new tracks including mixes from Herd and Fitz, Stonebridge, David Guetta, Chris Lake and many more. The music suits all flavours and caters for cool and credible venues as well as the mainstream venues.

The girls have designed the night to bring back power to the music from a feminine angle and bringing a sexy element to any DJ set or live PA – this show is always worth seeing! Both these artists have performed in the biggest and most luxurious venues around the world and they both have had massive hits in their own rights – so merging these 2 glamorous Vixens was a stroke genius.

The Sistas state “this tour will bring the va-va-voom back into vocal house”. With live vocal performances incorporated into every set, every show is unique. This act is sure to rev any crowd up into an explosion of excitement.

SISTAS OF HOUSE Bringing together the best female DJ talent and live PA performances by the UK’s most in demand house vocalists.’